Jeremy is a highly skilled guide. During our expedition to Aconcagua, he demonstrated the ability to lead the team, carry huge loads, and provide great service. I would not have made it to the summit without Jeremy’s outstanding support.

Rick Byers


Off Trail Odysseys gave us a trip of a lifetime, veteran owned and veteran lead, I am proud to know and adventure with them.

Timothy Hodgson

Managing Partner

Alignvest Management Corporation 


Jeremy and the team at Off Trail Odysseys delivered a fantastic mother-daughter weekend in Algonquin Park for me and my teen/tween girls: great campsites, experienced guides, high quality gear and a beautiful canoe route with just enough paddling and portaging to really appreciate the fantastic meals. A truly special trip for me and my kids. Small adventure but big memories. Thank you Off Trail Odysseys!!!

Claire M.C. Kennedy

Managing Partner Clients & Industries 

Bennett Jones LLP

Jeremy and his team of vets led and fed our group with heart and with soul on our 3 day journey down the Madawaska river. It was my first white water trip and they made it both fun and safe for all participants. The locally raised and sourced meals they served were far from standard canoe trip fare -be prepared to eat well, sleep well, work hard, and bond with your fellow trippers and guides off the grid. Off Trail Odysseys offers an experience like no other. Seven stars.

Anne-Marie Sorrenti JD PhD

Leadership Consultant

I participated in one of Off Trail Odysseys trips in April of 2017. It was a very memorable experience in many ways. The team was very high service in all aspects of the trip. From the accommodations in the woods, the amazing gourmet food, the education on firearms and firearms safety and most of all, the sharing of the stories of soldiers and what they do for our country. I highly recommend this experience.

Yousry Bissada

President, CEO & Director, Home Capital Group Inc.